A gamecube oran returns to ragol


A weapon to fight for pioneer 2...
Along with a friend who got me into the game we cleared ultiamate ruins, because that was the one thing that he had wanted to do that he had not done, my drops as an oran(original ign Pariahus) were terrible for a hucast, who couldnt use all of the mind material i was getting, and had terrible drops on the only thing i wanted, a katana i cant remember the name of anymore that dropped on a 1/10kish chance off of a nar lily in ult caves, after that while we dabbled in the psp iterations of phantasy star we had thought we'd put the series behind us...

however i discovered that i'd taken a liking to the genre and because sao is highly unlikely coming to the us on a console i can afford, and they will never make a "the world" mmorpg, getting back into pso seemed like a fun and good idea once i read a forbes article about there still being servers.


lmao gae bolg
Welcome to Ephinea, SheepDog! I read the same article myself, and after searching around I thought this one had the most features I liked. Forbes would be hard-pressed to have picked a better one, in my humble opinion. Or at least my impression from playing this server for the past couple weeks. :3