A Dangerous Deal with Cyb3r_ZER0


Serious Jokester
I'm interested in the Zanba and untekked meteor cudgel with hit.

How many pds for both, and do you take mat equivalents too?


Interested in that 55 hit Hell Laser. How many PDs for it?
That's an item I temporarily shoved in the bank due to lack of space but it is part of my equips.
interested in milla, v801 and secret gear
Milla is not an item I want to let go until I acquire one with higher hit. V801 is part of my current equips for Huney. Secret Gear is for sale and for 1pd.

B> charge cutter and power mats
Spare Charge Cutter is my spare if I ever make an alt, Pow mats were supposed to be used but I got lazy. Though as consideration, I asked a friend of mine to sell you as many pow mats as you need.

So...what did I learn? Going to color code this right now. Might consider adding an third tier since some of those belong in the in-between rift.
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How much for v101?
Currently in use. Equips and color coded items were put up there in case someone had something on my wants list and I would then use those to bargain with.
How much for the MG+?
was going to use it since I highlighted it.

Well it didn't seem to work out as I had intended so I deleted half the trade list. Now everything on there is for sale.
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