A > Best Virus Armor Lafuteria [50/50|20/20|4S] - Immediately Sold for 75 PD's @Owl Sector


Alolan Fox
Congratulations @Owl Sector !!!

Current Highest Bidder (CHB): Owl Sector for 75 PD's
Starting Bid : 50 PD's
Immediate Sell : 75 PD's
Countdown : 72 Hours After First Bid
Reset : 24 Hours After Bidding Within Last 24 Hours
Status: Immediately Sold for 75 PD's to Owl Sector

Comments: Here's your last chance; enjoy this second auction! Lyrical had one already, but he forgot to check before placing his bid. I let it go since somebody else can use this opportunity to get one.
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Alolan Fox
Breaking News! Lyrical forgot that he had one already. The auction is back to no bids; it's all right. Have fun!