903 error


before i went to grab lunch, i was playing pso fine on my desktop, but now when i try to log in i get the 903 error. what happened when i was at lunch?!
i know its not my isp because i can login fine from my laptop.

edit: i reinstalled pso and still got the error, but after a while i got it to work somehow.. lol. basically just read other threads with the same issue and tried those methods.

bus seriously though, why did i get this 903 error randomly, when i didn't change or interact with my pc at all when i was away for just a short while? (1 hour) what could have happened :?


Staff member
The DNS servers at GoDaddy are having issues.

I just set up my own and migrated off of theirs, I couldn't get to the website or anything either when it was messing up.

Try again in a few minutes... though it could take up to an hour for it to be fixed. I'm fixed now, though.