24 hours of consecutive PSO!?


In the near future(probably sometime next week), I will be playing 24 consecutive hours of PSO. I plan to do this to get me closer to the game. A lot can be accomplished in 24 hours and I have set a few goals for the time span. I would like the participation of the community to help me get back to the game I love. I know I more than likely won't achieve all of my goals listed below, but with the help of the community, I think I can knock out a big chunk of them!

I have come up with a time for this: Wednesday Jan. 13-Thursday Jan. 14 starting at 5-6 pm(CST) on Wednesday

1.) HUcast to lv 100
2.) RAmarl to lv 190
3.) FOnewearl to lv 100
4.) RAmar to lv 100
5.) RAcast to lv 150
6.) 3 Kondrieus found
7.) 2c3-2c5 or possibly a full CM run in one of the eps(if you don't mind carrying a CM noobie)
8.) RAcaseal to lv 100
9.) 1k team points(solo goal; will only be looking for these between runs if I can't find someone to play with)
10.) 10 PDs found from drops
11.) HC RAmarl to lv 165
12.) HC RAcast to lv 155
13.) 15 PCs on HC mode
14.) Full episode runs: 1, 2, and 4(unfortunately, not too many of these are played anymore)
15.) Battle mode with anyone willing to play(note: I'm still very new to this but I know basic mechanics)

HUcast lv 50
RAmarl lv 187
FOnewearl lv 80
RAmar lv 80
RAcast lv 135
RAcaseal lv 45
HC RAmarl lv 144
HC RAcast lv 122
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I think due to how small the community is ATM, most of those 24 hours will be spent in lobby looking for a game. lol.
but yea glhf


Can you show a noobie around? I got the basics down from offline side/story quests. I'm looking for friends though I don't mean to be anti-social (I don't know how the mailing system works in pso).

"The community that plays together stays together."

PS I hate TTF.


I know I'm crazy. I understand that the population is a little low atm due to people being burnt out after the holidays. The longest I've played without playing another game is 21 hours. Yes, I don't mind playing with old and new people @Noblewine. I will set an exact date on when this is going down soon. I won't die. This is nothing compared to Undertale genocide ;_;

Also, adding Bmode to the list since Vex insisted. You'll have to go easy on me though ;)
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Do you even .beats?
A friend and I once stayed up for around 40 hours playing Diablo 2. Granted, this was back when we were teenagers.


This will probably be the last longplay of PSO I do for awhile considering I am out of school and plan to get a job in the near future. I want to make the best of it and have some good times. TTF is ok. If you dislike it, you could always run all kill TTF which makes it seem more like a quest. I will play pretty much any quest though and like I mentioned above, I want to do a few F2F runs(forest-falz) and other full episode runs


I added the date. I will be doing this next week on Wednesday-Thursday. I will start around 5 or 6 pm CST on Wednesday. I will make a post or something when I am starting on Wednesday. This will be late for a lot of people, but I plan to start and end at nighttime so I don't get a crazy sleeping schedule afterwards


Taking a short break from the game until Wednesday mostly because I won't be home until then. I really look forward to 24 hours of awesomeness with everyone! Let's hope this isn't a waste of my time ;)


Hey, I will have to postpone this due to me being sick. I will set a date for this again soon. Also, I think a lot of the players were burnt out after the holidays so the population has been a little low. I will be playing whenever I can but until the population is better, I will wait for this :p
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Without rain, nothing grows.
Sorry to hears your sick. Hopefully I will be better levels to take part in your day by the time your ready. Get well soon.