1. Spuz

    S> Bits (PC/Essential Units/ADR/MeMe)

    S> Photon Crystals x83 @1:1 V101 x3 (20pd) Anti-Dark Ring (10pd) TypeME/Mechgun [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|40] (8pd)
  2. brionac

    The Gizonde Glitch

    Here's a thorough guide to get through TTF more quickly when fighting Vol Opt in phase one, especially in Ultimate mode. This special technique is called the Gizonde glitch. Equip a V801 first, and use the Gizonde glitch to stun lock this boss when it tries to move through the screens. The more...
  3. S


    looking for a V801 I'll pay 12 pds for it. Contact me however you wish.
  4. Qannon

    S>Liberta Kit (SOLD, please close topic)

    Pretty straight forwards, found one in my bank after not playing for quite some time. I'll take PDs, some AddSlots, a V801, or just make me an offer. Cheers,
  5. majinToorah

    S> V801 (13 PD) (SOLD)

    Selling a V801, asking 13 PD's or something equal that would be good for a Hunter/HUmar
  6. Nappa

    B>V801 [Done]

    B>v801 12 pds PM
  7. Plushie69

    B> Items

    - Thirteen x2 - Gratia - D-parts ver1.01 - S-Parts ver2.01 Stats don't matter.
  8. A

    B>Seasons stuff

    Looking for the following Season items: Charge Diska w/50 hit or greater Red Barrier Limiter Solferino Spread Needle Thanks, Gathin Greencast
  9. V801 get!

    V801 get!

  10. Triple V801 Drop 2/2

    Triple V801 Drop 2/2

  11. Triple V801 Drop 1/2

    Triple V801 Drop 1/2