1. SpikeEscape

    Inability to launch online.exe on Windows XP

    Hi all, long time player, I've recently got an oldies x86 PC using XP and am installing all my favs on it. When I run it I get the error online.exe is not a valid Win32 application, I can still launch the game via PsoBB.exe, however it says its missing bcrypt.dll and only says "Server full"...
  2. FelidaeEmpress

    Character spontaneously deleted.

    I was having problems with my game crashing during quests, looked through the forums for some solutions. I ended up trying to run the .reg file as suggested in some of the threads. When I went to play again to see if I fixed my problem, I ran into a couple more... The Dotum font I installed...
  3. A

    Can't Get client to run

    ive got everything installed and i changed the compatibility settings to windows xp and admin start up but when i hit start it flashes a command screen for a sec then nothing. anybody know how to fix it?
  4. Zoogy Long

    Windows 10 Strikes Again? (Client won't launch)

    UPDATE #4: Less than a day before I bricked it again. The game was working beautifully but ever since the CrU update I drop connection on wired Ethernet every few minutes for a split second (not even long enough to get a triangle error), that would cause kick from the server. Alt tabbed out...