1. I

    B- All lvl 30 Hard attack tech discs

    I will take any and all including grants/megid. I have PDs, several good Skyly/Pinkal/Purplenum drops, I have Guren to trade, as well as SEVERAL other pair items from Skyly. Let me know which disk you have and what it's worth to you. I definitely have something you want.
  2. Spuz

    PDA> NUG2000 BAZOOKA [0/0/0/0/35]

    Reserve: 50pd Buyout: 150pd 24hr Countdown.
  3. Esther

    S> V502 20pd (Or 35 Eggs) [sold]

    Cost of this precious unit is 20 PDs :3 (Or 35 Eggs) Scarlet (RAmarl) Sassy (FOnewearl) Cinnamon (FOmarl) Rezerabath (HUnewearl) Spirit (FOmar) Hekapoo (HUnewearl) Nexus (FOnewm) Arjinti (HUcaseal) Sheydaz (RAmar) Suu (RAcaseal)
  4. gojito

    Legatwo's WishList

    Disclaimer: This thread is targeted to Hardcore players only I am looking to buy/trade for the following items. I will update this list from time to time. Units V502 Centurion/Ability Limiter/Adept Cure/Freeze Weapons Heaven Punisher Cannon Rouge w/Hit Heaven Striker w/hit Psycho Wand...
  5. Esther

    >:3's Toychest

    Closed for the while :3
  6. Esther

    S> V50_

    Looking for PDs pls. (Thank you, Ifrit for asking that. PC'd it and You're absolutely right.) V501 x2 - 1PD (Per unit) V502 x 1 - 20PDs
  7. Esther

    0/20/0/0|0 Lame (Closed :3)

    Just so happened to drop and I don't really want it. Cost: 8PDs :3
  8. rich

    Richard's Tradelist

    HAVES King's Gladius 0/50/50/0/50 Charge Gungnir +1 0/15/0/0/40 Hell Laser 15/0/0/0/30 Charge Arms +1 0/0/15/0/45 Tyrell's Parasol 3pd Guren (0'd) 1 pd D-Part ver2.10 127/93 0s 1pd Black Hound Cuirass 302/-200 0s 1pd Star Cuirass 265/0 0s Black Odoshi Red Nimaidou 136/152 0s Gratia 130/200 3pd...


    Its my first trade list WEPONS : CHARGE CALIBUR 0/50/0/50/30 SPIRIT GLADIUS 50/0/0/50/50 SHADOW GUNGNIR 10/0/0/0/45 CHARGE GUNGNIR 0/40/30/95 CALIBUR 0/40/10/0/40 LK&14COMBAT 0/0/0/15/45 VICTORAXE 50/20/0/0/10 BELRA CANNON NO % YAMATO 25/0/0/0/30 MONKEY KING BAR 0/0/0/0/30 sold DARK METEOR...