1. Spuz

    A> Black Hound Cuirass [30/30 | 0/0] [4S] [DONE]

    CHB: @nagisa1224 w/6pds Reserve: 5 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: 24/05/22 @10:03 (UTC) Reset CD: 24hr from bid: If not pds, wants are as follows:
  2. Firkraag

    A> D-Parts ver1.01 [10/10 | 7/7] [Sold]

    Sold! for 85 pd Reserve: 7 Countdown: 36 Hours Wants: Any item that's easy to sell or auction, if it's worth more than your bid I'll pay you the difference. Spheres, Cookies 4 pd
  3. Firkraag

    A> Thirteen [8/8 | 8/8] [Sold]

    Sold! for 35 pd Reserve: 1 pd Countdown: 24 Hours
  4. Pyrois

    Mag DEX -> ATA Question

    Hello! I'm currently trying to plan out a rough roadmap for getting max stats and I've got a question about how the game translates a mag's DEX into ATA. I know it's "0.5 ATA/DEX", but it seems like the game is rounding that 0.5 up to the next point and that the ATA gain actually happens on odd...
  5. Firkraag

    A> Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou [10/10 | 10/10] [DONE]

    SOLD! @RUGAL19 Wins @ 30 pds Reserve: 20 pd Countdown: 48 Hours Wants: 65H Spirit Arms :wacko:
  6. brionac

    Calculator & Stats Reference

    Well, this calculator and stats reference won't waste paper. Too bad that not all of these calculators aren't tailored for Ephinea yet, but it's close enough. Also, enjoy the other references that have more information and numbers for you to look up! UPDATE! - Vanilla PSOBB Status Simulator by...
  7. Fire AKA Drazn

    Introducing the PSO Rebalance Project: PSOBB REBORN

    (Now also on reddit!) Hey all. Been working on a PSO project as the title suggests, that involves rooting around in the giant mess that is enemy, weapon and player stats, and reworking it all from the ground up hoping to establish some order and coherence The goal is to stick to the original...