1. GrissyElda

    Issues starting Launcher

    Hey all, I've followed all the steps from the Readme and tried searching the forums already but to no avail. Whenever I go to start up Online.exe, I see it briefly appear in task manager, then immediately crash to windows problem reporting. I've even attempted the win7 executable with...
  2. honeydrew

    PSOBB.exe freezing/closing on first visible frame of startup

    (pardon my item reader) this isn't to ask for an issue to be resolved but to post that i found an issue and resolved it myself, hopefully if someone has the same issue they can come here and see the solution. this may happen due to the user installing EphineaPSO into an unrecommended folder (i...
  3. A

    My Computer won't play the game from menu

    My computer won't play the game from menu. I can load the menu and change settings on option mode just fine. Everything works except for the "Start Game" function. When i click on it, the menu disappears and after that nothing happens. This constantly happens on my laptop and i did get a new...