1. Draft

    B>S-Rank Hell Needle

    Buying w/or w/o spec 85 pds 35 w/o spec
  2. Tekkium

    [closed] S> ARREST Needle 80 PD

    sell w/ [Arrest] special - 80pds or Trade for ARREST J-Cutter w/ [Arrest] special
  3. Spuz

    ES Weapons/ S-rank Info & what you should make.

    All info can be found on the Wiki including all the weapons stats & info. Made this guide so people can get an idea of what ES weapons/S-ranks to make; but please remember it is all objective and you can do as you wish; it is not a rule of thumb. If anyone has any opinions, please share...
  4. Spuz

    Spuz's Junk: Don't forget the BOGOF!

    Last update - 21/11/2023 - 最終更新日 ------------------------------------------- Shops: Classic | Normal | Instant Unsealing | B> Thread | ES Market | -------------------------------- BOGOF DEAL All 1 PD (or less) items, Buy One Get One Free...
  5. VENOM

    S> seasons sranks

    Frozen Shooter- 6pd SIN Shot (Hell) 50pd NotHot Shot (Demons) 50pd PAINLESS Mechguns (Demons) 50pd SHUTDOWN Needle (Arrest) 50pd Excalibur 0/0/0/30 15pd Centurion/Ability 8pd Heavenly Arms 6pd SILENCIA Shot (no special) 10pd 14x luck mats 10pd Also trading 14 seasons pds for 14 normal pds.
  6. VENOM

    S> Sranks 10pd

    Hell J-Cutter Zalure Gun Arrest Shot (these all come without special as is the norm) All 10pd and ready to go. Will take payment in materials: Mind 10:1 HP 5:1 Luck 1:1 (just these please) Do not want pcs =) Will also take Dragon Scales at 5pd value.
  7. Spuz

    Spuz's Unsealing & Custom Sranks. (CLOSED)

    CURRENTLY CLOSED (Unless paying in NM pds) DISCLAIMER: This is a hardcore thread in a hardcore section. Not The Regular Game mode. ------------------------------------------------------- General Notes: Unsealing services can have discounts discussed if multiple items and/or some kills already...
  8. Spuz

    Spuz's ES Market! [Open for Orders!]

    Last update - 03/11/2023 - 最終更新日 ------------------------------------------- Shops: Classic | Normal | Instant Unsealing | B> Thread | ES Market |...