1. Spuz

    A> ES Berserk Cards +150 [CLOSED]

    ES Berserk Cards with Berserk Special: Usually costs 40 pds to add special + 25-30 pds for ES weapon. A nice equivalent to Guardiana (as these cards can SNS while Guardiana cannot) CHB: @Ender w/41pds, 13/03/21 @12:'11am [GMT] 48 cd after first bid 24 cd after that Reserve: 5pd
  2. VENOM

    A> S-Rank HELL Needle (blank) closed 35

    Reserve 30pd 24h Countdown 24h Reset Wants: PDs Gold Badges
  3. VENOM

    S> Premade S Ranks

    ARREST SHOT 40 pd Accepting eggs 2:1pd E1 Custom - 40pd- expected wait less than 24h E2 Custom - 28 pd- expected wait 2-3 days Please see here for more information:
  4. Draft

    B>S-Rank Hell Needle

    Buying w/or w/o spec 85 pds 35 w/o spec
  5. Tekkium

    [closed] S> ARREST Needle 80 PD

    sell w/ [Arrest] special - 80pds or Trade for ARREST J-Cutter w/ [Arrest] special
  6. Spuz

    ES Weapons/ S-rank Info & what you should make.

    All info can be found on the Wiki including all the weapons stats & info. Made this guide so people can get an idea of what ES weapons/S-ranks to make; but please remember it is all objective and you can do as you wish; it is not a rule of thumb. If anyone has any opinions, please share...
  7. Spuz

    S> Zalure Gun (ES weapon) 5pds

    Trying to get rid of stock so selling cheap. ZALURE GUN x2 - 5pds each.
  8. RoySilverblade


    Hoping to pick up a pair with correct name for 58pds!?
  9. VENOM

    VENOM's Mini TA Event (1p+ 2p NM)- NOW CLOSED

    EVENT CLOSED- Thank you all for participating. Link to video submissions: UPDATE June 12th: First time Submissions now CLOSED. (May 22nd) until June 12th- 11pm GMT. Winner's Circle NOW...
  10. Spuz

    Pre-Unlocking cmode stages.

    So anyone can play any stage anytime. I feel with such a small community all it does is act as a hindrance for those who don't have time to do full sets. Unlocking would give anyone the ability to play any stage in any order (thus getting teams easier, when not doing full runs) but would still...
  11. Spuz

    Spuz's Unsealing & Custom Sranks. (CLOSED)

    CURRENTLY CLOSED (Unless paying in NM pds) DISCLAIMER: This is a hardcore thread in a hardcore section. Not The Regular Game mode. ------------------------------------------------------- General Notes: Unsealing services can have discounts discussed if multiple items and/or some kills already...
  12. Spuz

    Spuz's ES Market! [Premade Only!]

    Last update - 04/01/2024 - 最終更新日 ------------------------------------------- Shops: Classic | Normal | Instants | B> Thread | T> Thread | ES Market...