1. brionac

    SNS Glitching and More for Newbies Guide

    I like to remind some players that we really didn't write a guide dedicated to this simple yet powerful glitch on the forum until now, but others like @StevieWonderDownUnder did mention it in passing in his Force Guide (WIP) post a couple months ago while @admiralpit mentioned a shorter version...
  2. brnnub

    S> Halloween Cookies x3

    title :D As long as this is still up, I will most likely still have the cookies
  3. Gutsman

    [Question] Dark Meteor's Special's Accuracy, Special or Hard Attack %?

    Does Dark Meteor's special have the accuracy of a special or hard attack? I can't find this info anywhere. Please tell me it uses hard attacks's, I can't accept that it has a 39,6% chance to hit a dimenian on a max ATA Ramar with RR and 50%hit... Acording to this aniway. Can't be... right??