solo life

  1. RedeemingCross

    How do you play this game again?

    Hey Peeps! Crazy to see this game is still alive and kickin'! I played PSO offline on the Gamecube back in the day, and played solo through the entire experience (a good friend made a character to "hard" with me, but that was it). Too young to play online when this game had official servers, I...
  2. Surfer Rosa GC

    Surfer Rosa GC

    Decided to jump on the Dolphin emulator and play some. This pic is in very hard mode. I've got her hard-earned Zonde Merge on and of course a Club of Zumiuran. I'll probably get myself online @ Sylverant with her when she's strong enough. Got my resta merge ready and Striker of Chao too! :P