1. Spuz

    A> Max Stat Barrier & Frame Bundle (Non-Rare)

    -It isn't all of them but most, missing a few. -Auctioning them all together. -Good for new characters/lowbies, some of them have great resists for falz etc -Good for collectors. -All slots are 4s also. Reserve is 5pds 48hrs from 1st bid, 24hrs from any other bids. CHB: @DccD Friday 22:20...
  2. M

    Which items from blue/orange boxes are worth something?

    Can we come up with a list of items from blue/orange boxes (weapons, armor, shields, units) which I should not sell in the shop, because they might be worth something for trading? I'm thinking of the barriers needed for combinations with Amplifiers (to create Merges), weapons that are used even...