1. VENOM

    S> Red ring paint 3pd each

    Got 49 in stock. Colours available are: Black Green Yellow Blue Purple White
  2. A

    B>Seasons stuff

    Looking for the following Season items: Charge Diska w/50 hit or greater Red Barrier Limiter Solferino Spread Needle Thanks, Gathin Greencast
  3. VENOM

    S> seasons sranks

    Frozen Shooter- 6pd SIN Shot (Hell) 50pd NotHot Shot (Demons) 50pd PAINLESS Mechguns (Demons) 50pd SHUTDOWN Needle (Arrest) 50pd Excalibur 0/0/0/30 15pd Centurion/Ability 8pd Heavenly Arms 6pd SILENCIA Shot (no special) 10pd 14x luck mats 10pd Also trading 14 seasons pds for 14 normal pds.
  4. R

    Questions about "explorer" achievements

    So my brother and I started playing PSO again on Ephinea because we thought the idea of achievements was interesting. Concerning the "Explorer" achievements, what exactly are the "survey" quests? Also, can the achievements be completed on lower difficulties? We're pretty casual players, but...
  5. Spuz

    Heathcliff Arsenal Achievement not displaying/working correctly.

    After collecting all 7 items shown here I was surprised that the achievement did not display on-screen. I left it a day or so just in case it updated into the achievement-list still but it has not. I asked @Matt & @Ryan to check the logs for me with the dates/times I gave. They are below...
  6. Spuz

    Spuz's FREE seasonal junk - [Hardcore]

    Everything here is free unless specified however if you can give me any of my wants it would be appreciated. Thanks. Wants: PD's Pow Mats Mind Mats HP mats -----
  7. gojito

    Seasons Thread

    Hi everyone, With seasons starting tonight I thought it would be cool if we had a thread going for things like discussions, achievements, and just to have a place for Seasons players to chat about stuff. My planned character is in my sig and is going to be a Hardcore character. Who else will...