red ring

  1. Max Def RR

    Max Def RR

  2. kanae

    pda> red ring [73/85] [6/25] [CLOSED]

    reserve: 87pd initial countdown 48 hours 24 hr reset
  3. EvilUpholsterer

    A> Red Ring (33/85) (16/25) (Done)

    Freshly dropped RR. Reserve: 50 PDs Countdown: 72 hours Wants: Feel free to offer anything you have. Currently looking for some FO/RA stuff.
  4. RR


  5. Fernac

    A> Red Ring [78/85 ¬ 8/25] (SOLD)

    Auctioning Red Ring [78/85 ¬ 8/25] 24 Hours reset after first bid reserve 200 pds Want: Pd Stats
  6. =Hanto=

    RED RING 83/85 25/25 [SOLD]

    RES: 200 PD 48 Countdown 24 Reset
  7. Opirus

    B> Red Ring

    B > Red Ring, low stat preferred, dm stats/prices.
  8. Deezz

    Deezz's Shop [UPDATED]

    *FOR A FASTER RESPONSE PM ME ON DISCORD* Discord: Deezz#6167 **** This shop gets updated after each transaction so if an item isn't crossed out it is available **** Taking PD and PS (@97pds value) only unless a meseta price has been specified Prices are firm
  9. Kyoryu

    PDA> Red Ring 84/85 15/25 >Auction Finished<

    As the title says! Auctioning a red ring with 84/85 def and 15/25 EVP Looking for a starting price of 150 PD :) Bid timer will reset to 24 hours after posting! 250 C/O from cameron- :D
  10. VENOM

    S> Red ring paint 3pd each

    Got 49 in stock. Colours available are: Black Green Yellow Blue Purple White
  11. Tenyo2

    A>Red Ring [63/85 | 7/25]

    Red Rings everywhere. 48hr countdown, 48hr resets. Reserve: 80pds
  12. Pso132221118195189880


    Red Ring
  13. Theria

    B> Red Ring (Done)

    Done, thank you!
  14. Annie

    B>Red Ring (done)

    I don't care about the stats,help me save five seconds in the bank! Easier to reach me on Discord: Annie #8008
  15. br0osh

    T>PGF for RR

    Title PM me. Stats don't matter.
  16. Tsume

    B>HUcast gear

    looking for red sword w/ hit or zanba w/ hit s parts 2.01 braveman 50 hit cent ability adept v502 arrest and hell raygun 50h RR min or at least CHEAP I also have some stuff i could trade on my trade list for these as well as I have PDs to pay.
  17. Lawks

    Sell RR (158 | 237)

    got kids to feed, fam offer whatever you want wants: FOmar stuff with hit
  18. Lawks

    PC: Red Ring (233 DEF | 237 EVP)

    Been gone a looooooong time, decided to play a game and got lucky. How much is it worth?
  19. M

    S>Red Ring 4/85 3/25- SOLD

    Selling 4/85 3/25 Red Ring Wants: Adept PD's Magical Piece Ignition Cloak Three Seals Offers Accepted, RAcast item's needed aswell
  20. I have the power!!

    I have the power!!

    Commemorative picture of my first ever Red Ring.