1. EvilUpholsterer

    S> Scavenger, Rares and More!

    Selling the following, not going to list prices as I'm always negotiable and happy to give a good deal, so offer what would be a good price for you! Rare Weapons: - Frozen Shooter (25/0/0/0|30) - Red Saber (20/0/15/0|40) - Zanba (25/15/20/0) - Rage de Feu (Geist) (15/0/0/0) - Vivienne...
  2. vri

    B>Galatine, Girasole, Red Sword, Red Saber, Flowen's, etc

    Am buying almost every rare sword for Humar with high hit 50 or plus in the game mostly wanted the ones listed on topic. Also elysion, kaladbolg and DB's swords wanted. I accept trades. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  3. Spuz


  4. Aubreey

    Super Mini little Shop! (Updates)

    Hi, :D I have some things for sale, (list is still updating) Im only excepting PDs and everything without a price is negotiable. If you're interested please get a hold of me on discord, I respond fast. abi #3623 Weapons: Kaladbolg Flowen's Sword *1PD Last Survivor Cross Scar Custom Ray...