1. AnOrdinaryNoob

    Im worried about the future of this server.

    I dont want to be negative, and its not like Ive spent a thousand on hours in this server (been off for so many years), also neither I known what I was doing most of the time when playing. But being honest Im scared of this being closed after the air of PSO2, or just people quitting playing...
  2. Zoogy Long

    Noob Question (about SPECIAL WEAPON)

    Hello, so after some research I learned you can donate all those extra useless rare weapons for team points! I have been searching for awhile and this was the only function I can find. Thats good and all, but I was wondering are there any other uses for outdated special weapons/UN-sellable...
  3. S

    Some questions from a new player

    Hey guys. So as you can read above, im new to Ephinea and got some questions regarding the server. I played on schtserv like 1 year ago and played on my GC long before that. I love Phantasy Star Online and I am really excited to play with other people instead of my own. Okey so lets...