1. antirrhinum

    No. 100 error, character deletion... probably DEP

    hello! i'm using windows 10 and am having a recurring sever error and character deletion, with a steady internet connection. i have windows defender entirely disabled even in group policy, and have no other antivirus software. i first checked the DEP settings and added exceptions, did not work...
  2. S

    Who would want Ephinea to use an AI upscale on all the textures?

    As some of you may know people have found ways of upgrading the textures of classic games by using AI to upscale it which keeps the exact style and aesthetic while increasing the quality level. D00M, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil are notable examples. Would such a thing interest any...
  3. Loudest Sounds Meme

    Loudest Sounds Meme

    Give me more mem
  4. FeelsRappyMan


    Stolen from NDW
  5. NDW

    Twitch Livestream Event!

    Who: NDW & CARNAGE What: Ephinea PSO Twitch Dual Stream When: Saturday, March 30, 2019 @ 8:00 PM EST Where: Twitch ( Why: CARNAGE is coming to visit me this Saturday, so we're going to hang out, play PSO, and host a dual stream event. It's going...
  6. Give it up

    Give it up

    shamelessly stolen from
  7. PSOBB Keyboard Controls Picture

    PSOBB Keyboard Controls Picture

    For Posterity
  8. fox

    [Resolved] ntdll exception c0000409 @ psobb.exe 00074e0d

    Edit: Resolved, please see this reply below. Thanks! Hello! Today I've been hitting a crash in ntdll.dll when trying to launch PSO (either via the launcher or even directly). I suspect this is somehow specific to my setup, but I figured I'd give this a shot anyway, since no PSO is a bummer...
  9. honeydrew

    PSOBB.exe freezing/closing on first visible frame of startup

    (pardon my item reader) this isn't to ask for an issue to be resolved but to post that i found an issue and resolved it myself, hopefully if someone has the same issue they can come here and see the solution. this may happen due to the user installing EphineaPSO into an unrecommended folder (i...
  10. honeydrew

    PSOBB: Complete Damage Analysis by Honeydrew

    helo i made dis this is used to determine pretty much every possible damage value. it is a tool designed to compare combos and weapons against each other and therefore optimize on damage. i started making it to accurately compare 100h vulcans against 50h cvulcs (tl;dr obviously cvulcs are...
  11. Mylla And Youlla Presenting De(ad) Rol Le

    Mylla And Youlla Presenting De(ad) Rol Le

    Mylla and Youlla Presenting De(ad) Rol Le
  12. 99% of all rare drops in PSO

    99% of all rare drops in PSO

    It's funny because it's true!
  13. The Angel of Death has arrived.

    The Angel of Death has arrived.

    Watch out and beware Boomas, your time has come...
  14. shadonic

    Booma PSOBB

    So, i've been following a certain HD Project for PSO for a while now, and got pleasantly surprised today. What do you Guys think about this? I've been playing PSO since the Dreamcast and honestly, if it would be possible to use a different Client with a more modern skin for PSO, that would be...
  15. NPCs!


    I wish there were more NPCs in one player mode quests to help out, I always preferred fighting along aside npcs in most games for some weird reason then actual players. Don't know why.
  16. Kyle

    Anyone interested in seeing some streams?

    I was curious if the community would wanna see some streams on twitch, I've decided to give it a try for 2 reasons. First off I want this community to grow, if I can get some exposure for this game, why not right? Also I wanna better myself as a streamer, the community here is very friendly...
  17. Zoogy Long

    Windows 10 Strikes Again? (Client won't launch)

    UPDATE #4: Less than a day before I bricked it again. The game was working beautifully but ever since the CrU update I drop connection on wired Ethernet every few minutes for a split second (not even long enough to get a triangle error), that would cause kick from the server. Alt tabbed out...
  18. V502 Drop

    V502 Drop

  19. ★AGGREBEE★

    Aggrebee's Guide on How To Install The PSOBB Character Reader Addon For Silly Bees

    PSO players nowadays can see the stats and special attacks of weapons without even picking them up and tekking them. They can remotely look in what's in their bank while in the middle of fighting a boss if they so desire. They can check their inventory without having to even open up the menu...
  20. Neng finds a PGF!

    Neng finds a PGF!