1. ZanZanryu

    It feels good to play PSOBB again... And to be in Ephinea.

    Please, call me "Zan." I wanted to sign up for the forums to interact with the threads sometimes. I have been familiar with PSO since the Gamecube, around 2002-2005. Still, I never signed up for Online Network due to my parent refusing to pay a subscription for my entering online play when I had...
  2. scrson_hucaseal_custom copy.jpg

    scrson_hucaseal_custom copy.jpg

    HUcaseal OC commission from scrson
  3. scrson_hucaseal_classic copy.jpg

    scrson_hucaseal_classic copy.jpg

    HUcaseal OC commission from scrson
  4. nogatsu_hucaseal_.png


    HUcaseal OC commission from nogatsu
  5. mayoroshka_hucaseal_BG01.png


    HUcaseal OC commission from mayoroshka
  6. illust-353.png


    HUcaseal OC commission from phi_md
  7. flxillustration_hucaseal_2.png


    HUcaseal OC commission from flxillustration
  8. flxillustration_hucaseal_02 copy.jpg

    flxillustration_hucaseal_02 copy.jpg

    HUcaseal OC commission from flxillustration
  9. comabogbog_hucaseal_transparent.png


    HUcaseal OC commission from comabogbog
  10. akangbuser_hucaseal_scene100.jpg


    HUcaseal OC commission from akangbuser
  11. akangbuser_hucaseal_BG.jpg


    HUcaseal OC commission from akangbuser
  12. agungsugiarto_hucaseal_BG02.png


    HUcaseal OC commission from agungsugiarto
  13. agungsugiarto_Hucaseal_02_BG02 copy.jpg

    agungsugiarto_Hucaseal_02_BG02 copy.jpg

    HUcaseal OC commission from agungsugiarto
  14. kangbus_hucaseal_10mb.jpg


    HUcaseal OC commission done for me by Kangbus -
  15. Dnx


    Hi. About two months ago, two weeks after I joined this server, I'm afk standing in the lobby and after I came back I see a familiar looking character and even more familiar looking name, everything seems to be as I remember it. The guy I'm talking about is a friend of mine whom I last saw on...
  16. antirrhinum

    No. 100 error, character deletion... probably DEP

    hello! i'm using windows 10 and am having a recurring sever error and character deletion, with a steady internet connection. i have windows defender entirely disabled even in group policy, and have no other antivirus software. i first checked the DEP settings and added exceptions, did not work...
  17. S

    Who would want Ephinea to use an AI upscale on all the textures?

    As some of you may know people have found ways of upgrading the textures of classic games by using AI to upscale it which keeps the exact style and aesthetic while increasing the quality level. D00M, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil are notable examples. Would such a thing interest any...
  18. Loudest Sounds Meme

    Loudest Sounds Meme

    Give me more mem
  19. FeelsRappyMan


    Stolen from NDW
  20. NDW

    Twitch Livestream Event!

    Who: NDW & CARNAGE What: Ephinea PSO Twitch Dual Stream When: Saturday, March 30, 2019 @ 8:00 PM EST Where: Twitch ( Why: CARNAGE is coming to visit me this Saturday, so we're going to hang out, play PSO, and host a dual stream event. It's going...