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  1. Spuz

    Hardcore Price Guide.

    Updated 03/11/2019 Please Read Before Posting: This list is for the Hardcore Economy and is by no means based off or around items in regular-mode. Use this thread as prices will vary between modes. This list is by no means perfect, but I have given as much detail/specification on everything as...
  2. Lawks

    Berserk Raygun 0/0/0/35/90 +8

    Like the title states, its a Berserk Raygun +8 0% Native 0% A.Beast 35% Dark 90% Hit Thanks for the help, lads. Edit: For ye of little faith, I added a screenshot. I found it inside a yellow box that spawn in series of 4 around some of the monoliths in Ruins 2 while doing some XRD. Had Nikki...