1. Ryan

    Persona 5 (mostly) Music Pack

    I like Persona 5 and its music kicks ass, so I made a music pack with a bunch of songs from it. There's four songs from Persona 3 and 4, two of which I picked because they sounded cool and two of which I picked because nothing in P5 really fit that well. Here's a link to the pack. If the link...
  2. Ryan

    Jungle, Crater, and Desert song replacement limitations

    I don't even know if this goes in this forum, but here it is anyway. So I'm working on replacing pretty much every music track in PSO with other, cooler-sounding ones from the Persona series (mostly 5 but I have some gaps to fill in!). While working on this, I ran into an issue with Crater that...
  3. Ryan

    Post your wallpapers

    I've seen a thread for this on pretty much every forum I've ever been on, and I have an appreciation for clean/aesthetic backgrounds, so let's get a wallpaper thread going! Desktop and phone are both fine, whichever you think is cool enough to post. I'll start. I swear this thread wasn't just...