1. Firkraag

    PDA> D-Parts ver1.01 [10/10 | 5/7] [4S] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 30 pd! It's not perfect, but it's close. Reserve: 5 pd (Meseta 500K:1) Countdown: 24 Hrs
  2. Firkraag

    PDA> Gladius [Hell] [0/25/40/0|70] [DONE]

    SOLD! 10 PD Not sure what this is worth, it's a bit dusty after sitting in my bank forever. Maybe someone could find a better use for it. Reserve: 3 PD Countdown: 24H
  3. Spuz

    PDA> Rambling May 20h (Done)

    30b, 20h Reserve: 10pds
  4. Lemoneal

    A> Red Coat [10/10] [10/10] [1S] (DONE)

    Hey guys, this is actually my first auction post but still I'm gonna try my best to make it special. ______________________________________________________________________________ Tired of "farming" for a perfect coat? Is your damage not enough to kill enemies in a single blow? Do you take too...
  5. Firkraag

    PDA> Gizonde 30 [SOLD]

    SOLD to @cameron- for 50 pd buyout. Reserve: 30 pd Countdown: 24 hours with resets Buyout: 50 pd or 70h charge diska
  6. Spuz

    PDA> NUG2000 BAZOOKA [0/0/0/0/35]

    Reserve: 50pd Buyout: 150pd 24hr Countdown.
  7. Dab

    PDA> Excalibur [0/0/0/20|25] [CLOSED]

    Reserve: 50 PD Countdown will begin 72 hours after the first bid -- then will reduce to 24 hours after each new bid. Thank you for bidding and good luck!