1. kromlech

    Changing Stackables, Client-side: ASM Patch help

    Sick of me yet? I hope not. D: As a companion to my other thread where I needed help changing the Ship.exe to allow stacking for certain item groups (which was a total success, thanks again!), this time I need help getting the client to allow stacking for some and disallow stacking for others...
  2. TediousEel

    Patching offline server

    First, allow me to start off by saying this: You ladies and gentlemen are phenomenal for making and maintaining one of the best game series I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I downloaded the offline version of your server, and have been enjoying the nostalgia of being a teenager all over...
  3. E

    Patching again and again

    Hello, I am on win7 (run game as admin, no anti virus, no extra firewall) and after I login, the game downloads some unitxt file and when I press enter it closes. Once I restart the game and logged in, the same process repeats, any solution? Thanks