parasitic gene flow

  1. brnnub

    [Canceled] RL Dark Flow Set - AB/D & N/M

    Im auctioning my RL DF Set that I made a while back. It's just sitting in my bank in the dust since I don't play HUcast anymore so I'm auctioning the following items: Dark Flow [0/50/0/50|50] - (AB/D) Dark Flow [50/0/50/0|50] - (N/M) Both Calibers are sold with each other. Bidding on only one...
  2. waptak

    B> Parasitic gene Flow (done)

    pm or Discord: waptak#1492
  3. Draft

    A>Parasitic Gene "Flow"(Done(60))

    Chb:60 50 Res Initial 72hrs 24h resets
  4. Pso131113594802368553


    Wasted on a 50 native 50 machine 50 hit Pillar