max stats

  1. Spuz

    PDA> Gizonde Merge [5/5 | 5/5] [DONE]

    CHB: @RedtheRAmar w/ 5pds Reserve: 3pds Initial CD: 48hr from bid: 20/04/22 @22:07 (UTC) Reset CD: 24hr from bid
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    A> Luminous Field (50/50) (3/20)

    A collector's dream, or just for the pretty effect. Reserve: 1 PD Countdown: 48 hours Happy bidding! 2 Slots by the way, although I don't think that makes much difference.
  3. uben

    A> Gratia [20/20 | 15/15] (Max Stat) - Done @ 30

    Reserve: 4 PD Countdown: 48H Resets: 24H Thank you & GL :)
  4. brionac

    Extra Stats Plan with Links

  5. brionac

    Matt's Stats Plans with Links

    Feel free to edit these templates since I have linked these stats plans to an updated SCHT class simulator without the SCHT gear. Also, I discovered a secondary link to the JP version of this simulator that you can insert by replacing en with jp in the ending /en.htm section of the URL before...