material plan

  1. brionac

    Extra Stats Plan with Links

  2. brionac

    Matt's Stats Plans with Links

    Feel free to edit these templates since I have linked these stats plans to an updated SCHT class simulator without the SCHT gear. Also, I discovered a secondary link to the JP version of this simulator that you can insert by replacing en with jp in the ending /en.htm section of the URL before...
  3. Lileya

    S>Material "Min-Max Build" mags for HUct, HUcl, RAct, RAmr and RAml

    I raised mags currently lvl171 with stats 5/131/35/0 that could be made into Matt's material "Min-Max Build" mags ( for HUcaseal, HUcast, RAcast, RAmar or RAmarl. Depending on the character the mag is for, I will...
  4. Lileya


    I currently have the following mags for sale: Rati [Orange] [5/140/55/0] [Mylla&Youlla|Estlla|Pilla] - 4 PDs if purely paid in PDs, otherwise, the equivalent of 5 PDs from my list of wants Sato [Pink] [5/150/45/0] [Mylla&Youlla|Estlla|Pilla] - 4 PDs if purely paid in PDs, otherwise, the...