mag breeding

  1. Venric


    tldr for the impatient: Grab the file from here, run it, go through the simple prompts, and go back to watching cat videos: I was miraculously able to convince three of my friends to get into PSO with me! A glorious, glorious day! Of the four of us...
  2. Rotxy2

    (temporarily closed) Aero's Mag Farm (HC and Normal!)

    Temporarily closed. I will still take orders, but it will be a while until I can complete them. My apologies in advanced! Hello! I am re-opening my shop at last! I do HC and Normal Account Mags for the same prices. *If you want a mag celled mag, please provide the cell! Celled mags make the...
  3. vri

    B>PWR Mag

    Hello Can anyone farm for me PWR Mag and I will buy it, a power mag of 185 power or more don't care about colour or mag evolution only about photon blast, the mag photon blast needs to have mylla and youlla as well leilla. Thank you Send PM or post here