1. P

    Keyboard won't work properly (not IME issue)

    I installed PSOBB on Mac (running through Wine) but I can't get the keyboard to work correctly. Initially I was playing using a PS4 controller. This worked fine, but it wouldn't let me type anything. Today I've now lost the ability to type my name and password on the initial menu - even...
  2. Makusensu

    Ephinea PSOBB client for macOS 10.15+ & Apple Silicon

    Hi, I built a Wineskin based .app compatible with X64 only macOS systems which started with 10.15 "Catalina", indeed also works with older. Globally it works well. I can play at 30fps with a Macbook Air 2017 (latest model of the "old gen"), running an i5 and HD6000 integrated GPU. I will try to...
  3. TsugaruMJS

    Lose connection to the server starting boss fights.

    Hey everyone, it's your favorite serial D/Cer! I just want to see if anyone I haven't already talked to, especially Mac players, have any ideas about what's going on here, as I cannot seem to figure out the issue... I am running the game on my MacBook (harhar Apple sucks PC master race git gud...
  4. psydtrancer

    Play PSOBB on Mac OS X V2.0 *UPDATED* 2019

    ** Updated guide for Mojave users ** Hey guys, so with the help of others in this thread that have mentioned wine updates and simply installing wine and running PSO is simple now. So I will just put the new guide here where it can be found easily and requires way less effort and techie-ness...