1. P

    Keyboard won't work properly (not IME issue)

    I installed PSOBB on Mac (running through Wine) but I can't get the keyboard to work correctly. Initially I was playing using a PS4 controller. This worked fine, but it wouldn't let me type anything. Today I've now lost the ability to type my name and password on the initial menu - even...
  2. NinJy

    Ephinea PSOBB client for macOS 10.15+ & Apple Silicon

    Hi, I built a Wineskin based .app compatible with X64 only macOS systems which started with 10.15 "Catalina", indeed also works with older. Globally it works well. I can play at 30fps with a Macbook Air 2017 (latest model of the "old gen"), running an i5 and HD6000 integrated GPU. I will try to...
  3. Brandon

    Can I play this on a Mac mini???

    And If not what is the cheapest thing you guys think I can buy to be able to play on. Tv. I have a xbox one bluetooth controller so I am set there. Would this game run on a cheep netbook? Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide. Me and my girlfriend want to join and play!
  4. TsugaruMJS

    Lose connection to the server starting boss fights.

    Hey everyone, it's your favorite serial D/Cer! I just want to see if anyone I haven't already talked to, especially Mac players, have any ideas about what's going on here, as I cannot seem to figure out the issue... I am running the game on my MacBook (harhar Apple sucks PC master race git gud...
  5. psydtrancer

    Play PSOBB on Mac OS X V2.0 *UPDATED* 2019

    ** Updated guide for Mojave users ** Hey guys, so with the help of others in this thread that have mentioned wine updates and simply installing wine and running PSO is simple now. So I will just put the new guide here where it can be found easily and requires way less effort and techie-ness...