1. P h o t o b o m b e d  :^)

    P h o t o b o m b e d :^)

  2. PSOBB Supercharged [Photon Chair] Lobby Chair! - YouTube

    PSOBB Supercharged [Photon Chair] Lobby Chair! - YouTube

    Hello, players. Look at your chair, now back to mine...
  3. Chadstar

    Soccer Game

    You think we could ever arrange to have a soccer game down in lobby 14/15? I heard it was popular back in the GC days would be cool to see again. Kinda sad to go to those lobbies and they're vacant.
  4. Tsumetai

    When the entire lobby is high at 2AM

    this plays
  5. Fetz

    Automatic update for server/game tooltips

    Hello. After logging into the lobby or while checking the list of open games on the information counter, we can press the Tab key to pop up a tooltip on the bottom left. The window includes server info, game info, player info and so on. However, by selecting the next item or game on the list...
  6. Psobb My Char

    Psobb My Char

    Lobby pic.
  7. Gio

    Quest exit command?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a working quest exit command that returns you to the lobby. It's kind of a headache having to alt-backspace every time a quest bugs out. Thanks, Gio
  8. Ghost Of Ephinea

    Ghost Of Ephinea

    I think Fodra may be haunted hehe