1. Lepvelx

    You expected a store, but it was me, Dio!

  2. Firkraag

    Ranger Equips [CLOSED]

    CLOSED! Please visit my regular trade list here! [/spoiler]
  3. choogiesaur

    ✨choogiesaur's trade list ✨

    UPDATED! hey guys :) here's some stuff I scrounged up in my first week on Ephinea. make me an offer. I'd take badges, too.
  4. Firkraag

    Firk trades [CLOSED]

    NOTE! This list is always updated, items listed are still for sale (in rare cases reserved)! I accept Meseta, PC, Addslots and Event Currency along with PD at standard rates. If you're looking for Custom S-Ranks you may order them from my shop. Easiest way to reach me is on discord...
  5. Spuz

    Spuz's FREE Christmas Store! (CLOSED ATM)

    Last update: 08/12/2020 ------------------------------------------------------ General Notes: ALL ITEMS ARE FREE When an item is requested for trade I will mark it [RESERVED] until collection. Lots of ''junk'', with a few hidden goodies, more than good enough to start many new characters off...
  6. Fallen

    Fallen's craplist [wip]

    JUST A BUNCH OF TRASH BUT PLS HELP A NOOB. Contact me to make an offer: Reply to topic | Send forum PM | @Fallen on Discord | PM on Discord Looking for: PDs & PCs | Luck, Power, HP (or any) Materials. Prices negotiable, most items are <1 PD, and am willing to take lesser mats...