1. A

    Linux - Getting floor reader/add-ons to work

    I installed using lutris. And have installed the correct Visual C++ 2015 32-bit x86 Redistributable needed to run the add-ons in the correct wine bottle. I've gotten dgvoodoo2 working no problem (not that these 2 things are related) and just seems weird it's not working. I feel like I'm missing...
  2. A

    Game Crashes Immediately after selecting make new character

    I'm on Manjaro (linux, based on Arch) and running through Lutris. I just installed the game and the tutorials either don't work on my architecture or I'm doing something wrong. Can anyone help me?
  3. lua linux

    lua linux

    lua linux
  4. brionac

    Linux Tutorial for Playing PSOBB on Ephinea

    UPDATE! - Check out this quick post first! 2020 Editorial Note: So you dumped Windows 7 out of necessity, and Windows 10 sucks? Well, here's something that I have used back in 2018. It's out of date, but the idea to run the game via Wine is still possible. So here's the guide, and I'll get...