1. Chadstar

    Soccer Game

    You think we could ever arrange to have a soccer game down in lobby 14/15? I heard it was popular back in the GC days would be cool to see again. Kinda sad to go to those lobbies and they're vacant.
  2. S

    Semi new, hello all.

    Hello everyone. I don't know much about PSO Episodes 1,2, or 4. I had Episode 3 on the gamecube as a child, but was never able to play it online, Looking forward to starting and seeing how the game is. btw is there a story mode in BB? I have heard mixed answers, so just thought i would ask...
  3. Aether89

    PSO BB : Controller Profiles for Pinnacle Game Profiler 2.0.0

    This is a Pinnacle Game Profiler profile for Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. Ready to work with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controller. Pinnacle Game Profiler is not compatible with HybridEidolon PSOBB Addon Plugin (Lua UI addons) as both need a custom dinput8.dll to interface with the Game...
  4. Forest


    An overview shot of part of the forest :D
  5. Char-E

    Hello. I used to play on GameCube with my friends.

    Hello, PSO was a big part of my childhood back when GameCube was still the latest Nintendo home console. My friends and I played split screen a lot--none of us had ever had the chance to try the game online. I think I'm the only one that bothered to check online for ways to play on PC years...