free pd?

  1. EvilUpholsterer

    Please Donate To a Noble / Selfish Cause (No Longer Needed)

    So I recently lost a pair of TypeME/Mechguns to my stupidity alongside a server synchronisation error. They took me quite a while to get, in fact they were my main goal during the Easter Event. I would really like another pair, but sadly I am too poor at the moment to buy them :( This will...
  2. Archivebit

    Free PD!? Am I crazy?

    So I have like, 400 PD and I barely play now. continue the theme of my time here on Ephinea. I plan to give some away. Rules: 1. You must reply to this thread directly. PM'ing me for free PD will be ignored and may cause your future post to get ignored. This rule is place to hope to...