1. E

    Help, Lost FPS and dont know why

    I have been playing for a while and even played a lot today, but when I came home from dinner I found that I am having serious fps issues. I have never even dropped a single frame in hundreds of hours of playtime, but now the game is so slow it is unplayable. I have restarted, reinstalled...
  2. Spuz

    PSO with Anti-aliasing (Nvidia Inspector)

    Is there anyone who has experience with this /AA in general? I had it set up some time ago with 4x MSAA & 4x SGSAA and it ran smooth but around 6 months ago I started to get a huge slowdown as the title screen starts (drops to about 15 fps). I put it on the lowest setting 2x MSAA and tried it...
  3. SpikeEscape

    PSO addon for first person mode, it exists and I want to find it.

    Hello all, been playing this game on and off for something around 12 years, I was going through the PSO subreddit and found this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/PSO/comments/9lu6dd/pso_4k_screenshots/ In this he includes a photo at the end of using a handgun in first person similar to in PSO2...