1. S

    Who would want Ephinea to use an AI upscale on all the textures?

    As some of you may know people have found ways of upgrading the textures of classic games by using AI to upscale it which keeps the exact style and aesthetic while increasing the quality level. D00M, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil are notable examples. Would such a thing interest any...
  2. MagicLuthee

    I made stylised PSO Fonts

    I (MagicLuthee aka Eleriaqueen) made three fonts called "PSO-Square", "PSO-Bevel", and "PSO-Round". Glyphs were made in Adobe Illustrator using vectors, and should scale well to any size (official font looked horrendous when scaling it up). Note : PSO-Bevel is the more "faithful" recreation...