1. FOmarl meme

    FOmarl meme

    "Why no one pick me? :("
  2. Spuz

    A> The Death of a level 200 FOmarl

    Ever felt like swinging Vjaya/DF in PK or battle mode? Ever felt frustrated with a HC? Ever seen a FOmarl that casts to much resta? Ever felt like killing someone? Here is your chance, choose how to kill my HC FOmarl & you can even choose the last words! Reserve: 5pds After 1st CHB, 48 hours...
  3. Harna

    A very quick 40-80 solo FO leveling method

    Hey guys, I recently tried this out on my FO and when the server was quiet this was a much better alternative to trying to get some TTFS going. As a lot of FOs are squishy trying to do stuff in VH solo at this level, I found this to be a much smoother XP method. The long of the short of it is...
  4. Level 200 Fomarl

    Level 200 Fomarl

  5. Pso131112906259175849


  6. Andy

    Andy's Item, Mag, & Unseal Shop! Making Ragol Great Again!

    * * * MAKING RAGOL GREAT AGAIN, ONE INAUGURATION AT A TIME! * * * Welcome to Andy's Warehouse! We have a HUUUGE selection of items! We've made unseal requests great again! Competitive mag manufacturing for both normal mode and hardcore! NOW ACCEPTING EGGS + BADGES CONVERSION RATES FOR...