1. Pear Into Peaches

    Wish I’d found this server, first!

    Hello, All! Played on GameCube: Excited to join a new server. I played on Ultima, but mods overlook trolling and harassment; time for a new PSO home! See you on Ragol.
  2. PSOBB - FOmar TTF solo - YouTube

    PSOBB - FOmar TTF solo - YouTube

    Ephinea server
  3. Harna

    A very quick 40-80 solo FO leveling method

    Hey guys, I recently tried this out on my FO and when the server was quiet this was a much better alternative to trying to get some TTFS going. As a lot of FOs are squishy trying to do stuff in VH solo at this level, I found this to be a much smoother XP method. The long of the short of it is...
  4. Evasive maneuvers

    Evasive maneuvers

    My evasive skills are simply too high for the Indi Belras to comprehend.
  5. Doctors are great at their job

    Doctors are great at their job

    A young Roaxes collapses in the medical center begging for help. Unfortunately, the doctor is on break!