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  1. A Man in Flames

    5 way Level 200 Montage

    Friends, It is, the Legendary Gi Gue slaughterer. It's been a little over one year since that great tragedy where I was trapped in the Control Tower, killing endless swarms of Gi Gues. Ever since my escape, I have been busy with other missions. I share with you all, a dank montage of my recent...
  2. A Man in Flames

    B> Pee Sizzle for 90 Pee Dizzles [CLOSED]

    Greetings everyone. Pretty soon some of you will come up clutch on the Egg gamble and amass what I need: Pee Sizzles. I've got 90 Pee Dizzles I'd rather keep in the economy than hand over to that faggot, Bag of Wheenies. You know what you doing, take off every Zig. For great justice!