episode 4

  1. Spuz

    E4 Boss Guide

    Boss Fight: ----- If you are on your FO in the cave and he retreats, with 1+ crystals not destroyed you can try and destroy them with grants as he retreats. It has super long-range so easy to get a quick snipe and it is after all the biggest weakness the boss has. RA can try to HS Zerk...
  2. Harna

    A very quick 40-80 solo FO leveling method

    Hey guys, I recently tried this out on my FO and when the server was quiet this was a much better alternative to trying to get some TTFS going. As a lot of FOs are squishy trying to do stuff in VH solo at this level, I found this to be a much smoother XP method. The long of the short of it is...