1. U

    Hello. I'm here with a PSA

    This was during Random Attack Xrd REV 1 a couple days ago. An enemy was killed out of bounds and a red item spawned there. No way to get it. Not mad. Not a bug. Not blaming anyone. Just posting this as a heads-up. Make sure all enemies spawn properly in the area. Get your drops, Hunters. Thank you.
  2. Spuz

    Lost Hell Pallasch: Hunting Guide.

    This is the enemy count for Lost Hell Pallasch and the best routes to take. It may not be the best hunt in general but it comes up in the LOST E1 Hunters Boost Road every now and then. In LHP you start each area split in a 2v2 team setup (It's based on the player gem colour) and complete half...
  3. NDW

    How to Convert Enemy Parts to Weapons and Add Hit

    Enemy Parts Into Weapons Guide Follow these steps to turn your enemy parts into weapons. In One Person Mode you have to end some quests. In priority those with Elenor (a pink RAcaseal). We can find her in "magnitude of metal", "secret delivery", and "Doc's secret plan". These quests are...