1. Nice shot loser

    Nice shot loser

    A Gillchich attempts to 360 noscope me

    Gameplay trends and other fun facts from the enemy kill counts

    Episode 1: Depsite appearing in Ep2 and having more valuable rares, the Hildeblue has only been killed about 200 more times than the Al Rappy does. This is probably because of how few Hildebears there are compared to Rag Rappies in most quests. The difference between Booma and Evil Shark kills...
  3. Rune

    Most annoying enemy in the game: ep2

    Due to this month's HBR I figured I'd do this: So everyone knows that besides there being NOTHING to hunt in it ep 2 is filled with EVIL, but what is the greatest most annoying evil of ep 2 IYO? Giving 3 options cause there is just that much evil in ep2. Feel free to guess the others: -Punch...
  4. Spuz

    Which enemy do you hate the most?

    Yes, you know it, there is a few of these fuckers you really hate aint there? Would you like to share how BS that Astark is hiding behind the Yowies or that belra hiding behind a horde of bulclaws shooting his arm at you? Or is it the magicaly wonderfuck of a Zu that manages to go off the map...
  5. Spuz

    Enemy HP Bar.

    A HP bar for the enemy in which you are currently targeting. Possible shown in the box which specifies enemy name [bottom left corner]. Would be handy for boss fights and general enemies. Any thoughts?