1. PSOBB Resisting Mericarol's Attack - YouTube

    PSOBB Resisting Mericarol's Attack - YouTube

    Dear admin-sama, for the next event can we have... [Meri Family Megid Attack Requires ~1000 EDK ]
  2. Foxeh

    Monster Ranking Based on lvl 30 Megid Success Rate

    if you see some errors, please let me know i'll try to fix them. Alrighty so, i was wondering what monsters in particular were weak to megid and one thing led to another and i ended up doing the grunt work of giving it to you in 2 particular orders. both of these lists are ranked from lowest...
  3. honeydrew

    Analytical Special Success Calculator by Honeydrew [WIP]

    helo i made dis too this calculator is used to determine pretty much any single likelihood of proccing any given special attack from any given character onto any given enemy. you have probably seen this calculator somewhere. this calculator can only determine per-attack accuracy, whereas my...