1. brionac

    PSOBB Program Window Tips

    User Account Controls Tip Do you hate it when the screen dims with a prompt while you're game is running, and do you notice that you keep having to close out the game because of a Direct3D device error window popping-up immediately after opening a random exe to install something or open that...
  2. PSOBB Keyboard Controls Picture

    PSOBB Keyboard Controls Picture

    For Posterity
  3. M

    Configuring a DualShock 4 controller with AntiMicro

    I’m in the process of configuring a Sony DualShock 4 controller for playing PSOBB. I’m using AntiMicro, which seems to work great. This is thread is for questions, tips etc.
  4. M

    PlayStation DualShock 4 controller with keyboard inputs?

    So I'm having issues with my PS DS 4... When I plug it into my computer and use DS4windows or InputMapper, I can use it easily in PSOBB with Pad Configurations. Problem is that you can't really make any changes in there. PSOBB doesn't feel L2, R2 for example.. And in InputMapper or DS4windows I...