1. kromlech

    Changing Stackables, Client-side: ASM Patch help

    Sick of me yet? I hope not. D: As a companion to my other thread where I needed help changing the Ship.exe to allow stacking for certain item groups (which was a total success, thanks again!), this time I need help getting the client to allow stacking for some and disallow stacking for others...
  2. Kyle

    Client loads, when I press start game. The screen is black

    I am on Windows 7. I have been playing the game fine for a whole week now. When i tried to open it today, the client worked fine. When I pressed start game the loading screen appears frozen for a sec then goes black and remains that way. I've waited for thirty minutes and it just stays black...
  3. Fire AKA Drazn

    PSOBB Client Addresses for Invincibility Frames and Set Damage Boss Attacks

    See title, would like to know where these settings are inside the client.exe, and if they can even be changed.
  4. M

    What does "install.reg" change?

    What exactly does running "install.reg" change/do? BILLING_SITE and OFFICIAL_SITE is self-evident. ACCOUNT and PASSWORD is for the UserID (it overwrites any previously entered UserID). FOCUS_SOUND allows to hear the game sound even if the client is in the background (see thread). Or does it do...
  5. M

    Is it possible to have sound if the client is in the background?

    When I put the client into the background, e.g., when looking something up in a browser, I no longer hear any sound from the game. Is it possible to enable sound even if the client is in the background? This would be useful to hear PM notification sounds, the little sound if chat bubbles come...