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    Phantasy Star Zero back online!!

    Yesterday we did some dragon runs with newcomers, here You can see some screens of it ;).
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    Phantasy Star Zero back online!!

    Yeah, but some of people don't know that or forgot about it and would like to join. This is valid discord link as that in my first post expired - And here is video of some guy playing PSZ online 4 players online
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    Phantasy Star Zero back online!!

    Hello, I invite You to play together online Phantasy Star Zero. It's kinda MMOPRG for DS./3DS or for PC via emulator To learn how to play it come to this discord: and go to #psz-multiplayer-faq and slide down for InuYasha's step by step guide. Connect and share You...
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    Anyone interested in playing PSO like game on their PS2/PCSX2 with me ?

    Hello, there is one game that have private online servers to play on. Its .hack//fragment. Game is very similar to PSO in many ways. Heres how it looks like: If you want to play it just download ISO from here: [link removed] And patcher from here...