your patch is too old


How to fix this error?
I did an update on my server some time ago and now this message appears and nobody can connect to the ship :eek:
Need an image from this problem to help me?


Re: your client executable is too old

Opsss The error name is (( you client Executable is too old...



I'm receiving the same error. At the moment I'm just tinkering with the .DAT version (plan to try SQL tomorrow evening) of the server and the complete v1.25.13 client with executable compatible with both Vista/7/8 and XP.

The only changes I've made to the executable have been changing all of the local system IP addresses to the patch server's IP. Do I need to change something else in the .exe to remedy this error?

Thank you in advance!


in the server file look for the string teth and 1. something you need to make that match your string.
Hi, I am having the same exact problem. When I boot up the .exe it says client executable is too old. I am trying to set up a private server for my and someone else to play. I followed every thing on the installation guide for the server setup. Could you go into a little bit more detail on how to match the strings in the server file to server file? I'm pretty computer retarded, I apologize for my ignorance! If it matters, I am trying to set up a .DAT version of the server.


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You guys, Broomop already answered this and the answer is also in this post: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2#p109

Tethealla's pre-compiled software was compiled with EXE version 1.25.10 in mind. If you're using a 1.25.13 EXE, which is actually newer, the pre-compiled logon server doesn't recognize it.

You have to RECOMPILE the logon server to recognize the new EXE version. See the above link.

If you don't know how to recompile the logon server, you have three options:

1. Use the OLD EXE at
2. Hex edit the NEW EXE to send 12510 instead of 12513.
3. Wait for a new binary release that has the string updated in it.

I might be able to do #3 a bit later, I didn't realize the client that was uploaded had the newer EXE in it.