XP rate :p

I was thinking about how to feed the XP of the players according to their convey ... example: x5 up to LVL 100 to the 150 Ôö£├╣ 2? this exists? It is to be done?


You might know tethealla has a exp multiplier argument in the .ini file... but this will apply to everything. I don't think what you want is on the default server.
To decide what rate will be used based on level, you just need to do that, check the player level and set the appropriate rate.
I am (is on hold) working on a command to let players select the exp multiplier they want from 1 to the max rate set either by this way or by the ini file.


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If there is demand for this feature I can add it to the server.

The config could be set to support something like:
# Experience boost (Becomes x * 100%)
lv1=1 // will make exp boost 1 x from level 1.

# Experience boost (Becomes x * 100%)
lv1=3,lv100=2,lv180=1 // will make exp boost 3 x from level 1, 2 x from level 100 and 1 x from level 180.
this should be done on the client? (EXE)
I forgive ignorance because WHAT was discovered by curiosity.
or is it something deeper?
anyway thank you


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This is configured on the ship. The XP rate is pushed to the client when they start/join a game. By default teth has a fixed XP rate configurable in the ship.ini. This value is 1 by default.
(I wrote bad the last message when I said I forgive)
(actually the correct would "forgive me" my ignorance)
"I learned what little I know about the customer to be curious"
we are improving things at a good pace,
I need to do this rate xp work
because we have events that help.
but it would be interesting for new players
gain level of a lighter way,
as many begin alone, and we know how much is suffered