windows 10 and save game transfer


I recently updated to windows 10 and wondering if i put my serverfiles on an external hard drive and transfer it to a new computer will it load my old character


If it's an update I think it's not really necessary to backup the files to a external HDD, however, if it's a clean Windows install just a backup is needed.

If you are using the .DAT version of the server you can transfer your 'saves' as long as you copy and paste the server folders to your external drive exactly like you had them on your computer!

If it's the MySQL version you will need to make a backup of your game database and restore it into another MySQL instalation once you finish installing your new OS.


In either case (of DAT or SQL) you should not have that in the system partition xD (I do save some of my stuff there :eek: ) not my db tho.

Also he said he recently updated, so it's already done... as long as you have those (dat or sql files) it should be ok.