Widescreen launcher now default


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Tofuman's widescreen launcher has replaced the default SEGA launcher for Ephinea.

After patching through the patch server and relaunching the game via online.exe, you can now pick widescreen resolutions when running online.exe and selecting "Options".

When picking Options, you'll only get choices for the resolution and HUD mode, if you want to get access to the old options, click "Advanced".

It should be noted, when using a widescreen resolution, you may sometimes encounter some visual anomalies. They're very minor, but if they bother you, just run the game in a 4:3 mode instead of a widescreen mode or simply try running it without the high res HUD option enabled.

We'll be updating and adding more features to this launcher soon!
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If this version is not different than the public one (I mean the inner working), it should have a different registry key for the resolution in Tofuman's which would not be affected going to the original options exe.

Also I have been secretly helping Tofuman finding HUD elements to make them look good in widescreen... however I have only found 2 windows :p


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It's working great for me so far. The only "problem" I've run into is the title screen image looks kind of stretched, but in terms of functionality that's a total non-issue.


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It's because the title screen assets are actually designed for 4:3. Could be redesigned for 16:9, I'm sure, but then that'd make it weird in 4:3. I suppose you could create a new asset on the fly before the program loads based on the aspect ratio the user selected, though. Will talk to Tofu about it sometime. May be more work than needed at this particular point in time.